Kalyan Sampat Gardens - Planing Highlights

Complete Value for Money
We understand the worth of your hard earned money, so we provide as many facilities, as we can, in the price we are offering.




Safe & Protected Place
Kalyan Sampat Gardens (located before By-Pass, in Bicholi Mardana, is like a big family; a very safe & protected place which coverS your inner world of Joy & peace.




Cost Effective Maintenance
Kalyan Sampat Gardens is designed such that the maintenance for the residents is very cost effective




Podium Garden
It is designed such that ladies can enjoy see their children playing from their balconies as every balcony opens at a common place - The Podium Garden. Also, it is free from any vehicular interference as it is vehicle free zone. A podium garden connected directly to every block, a step required to experience the heavenly delight, designed to suit the true philosophy of this urban society.




2 Side Ventilated Flats with Attached Balcony
Well designed and 2 side ventilated flats attached with vast Balconies & Terrace. The terrace and balconies are at lift level.




Huge Garden
A top level garden for community gatehrings, festivals and cleberations along with childeren's outdoor play area.




Earthquake Resistant Structure
The structure & design made by our experienced architects is completely resistant against seismic waves & other natural calamities.